Experts in scaling your advertising on social media & search

We focus exclusively on direct response and customer acquisition for performance advertisers in ecommerce, lead gen, and mobile.


We’ve focused exclusively on direct response since day 1, making us the most accountable agency for advertising on Facebook.

Sure, every agency does PPC. But the key to maximizing ROI from search & display? Make sure it’s expertly integrated with social – our specialty.

Get in front of some of the highest quality mobile audiences and turn 140 characters into more conversions, installs, and leads.

We can show you how Instagram unlocks growth opportunities and amplifies your discovery and retargeting efforts.

Your direct response mobile ad spend isn’t worth much if the installs don’t convert. We find your best prospects and turn them into paying users.

Video advertising has become a must-have in any advertising strategy developed for scalable customer acquisition and growth.

We enhance your existing creative to steadily improve and scale performance, while also keeping you ahead of the curve with more complex ad types.

Our social advertising consulting service provides expertise, strategy, and acts as an extension of your team when you need it.

As a Snapchat Certified Partner, we know how to tightly weave your branding and DR goals with the fastest-evolving ad channel.


Healthy Snack Subscription Box

These results are nuts.


Decrease in CPA


Scale in monthly ad spend


Decrease in CPC

Hallmark eCards

Strategy + Testing + Teamwork = A 66% Reduction in CPA


Decrease in CPA


Increase in CTR


Decrease in CPC

Lead Generation for Higher Education

The education sector is constant, but with social, their lead gen is transformed.


Reduction in CPL targeting mobile audiences


Lift in Enrollments H1 YoY


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Strategy, recommendations, testing – we’ve never been disappointed with Up-Marketing counsel and approach, and most importantly, results. On top of that, it’s pretty unusual to find an agency partner that is as open and transparent; because of that I know I don’t have to worry about a thing because I genuinely trust them to do what’s right for our account.

Steve Matiste

I can’t recommend Up-Marketing enough. Nobody has delivered the same consistent results that Up-Marketing has over the last couple years. Since working with them, Facebook has become one of our most profitable channels. We consistently see a high enough ROI to continue increasing our spend month over month.

What’s more, their level of service is second to none; it’s not unusual for me to get an email from my account rep on a Saturday or Sunday, so I have the peace of mind knowing they’re keeping a close eye on performance 7 days as week.

Jan Sen Khoo

Working with Up-Marketing allows us to focus on running our business. This is invaluable since we’re in major growth mode. We saw early success with Facebook ads, but we were in need of better tools for campaign management and creative testing. Up-Marketing provides a singular focus and dedication to our campaigns, ensuring we can scale as much as needed, as quickly as needed. Working with Up-Marketing has been a no brainer.

Ludovic Terren

In working with an agency to manage this piece of our business, it was important that the relationship was seamless; we needed a partnership that would feel like a natural extension of our in-house team. Up-Marketing has made this incredibly easy for us. We have full visibility into any metric we need at any time, and the level of hands-on support and responsiveness they provide is second to none.

Up-Marketing provides more value than just stellar performance. With access to a team of highly trained strategists, more sophisticated technology, and the experience to test intelligently, our budget for acquisition is truly maximized.

Alexander Kloz

Working with Up-Marketing helps us focus on what we do best. We initiated our Facebook advertising efforts in-house, but we reached a point where we were taxing our internal resources and needed access to more sophisticated tools.

True to our own offering, we needed the right experts to help us get the job done. Putting this portion of our marketing efforts in Up-Marketing hands helped us hit major milestones quickly and grew areas of our marketplace that were underrepresented in services but had strong consumer demand.

They’ve been focused on building our b2b relationships, and we’re looking forward to seeing what magic they can create targeting consumers next.

Steve Matiste