Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat’s all grown up – and so is its massive audience of Millennials with increasing spending power.

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the changes happening across every channel, much less master an entirely new one. And prioritizing a new  channel that you’re still getting familiar with is an even tougher sell.

Let us do the heavy lifting on this.

As a Certified Partner, we learned the ropes directly from Snapchat’s product team and say with certainty that advertising on Snapchat is a whole new ball game.

Highly Engaged Audiences

    • Snapchat reaches more than 40% of people ages 18-35
  • The average user opens the app 18x per day and spends 30 mins in the app

Platform is Entirely Mobile

    • Mobile drives more accurate location targeting
  • Snapchatters also use the app on the go: at restaurants, malls, concerts, gyms, airports, etc.

Ad Creative is Largely Video

    • Video ad units are 100% full screen
  • When video ads are viewed, more than 60% are with the sound on

Snapchat is a must-buy if you want to capture mobile audiences with video. We know a little something about that.

Full-Funnel Approach

Advertising on Snapchat has come a long way since the first Sponsored Lens (which was run by 20th Century Fox for the Peanuts Movie in 2015).

Snapchat’s ad types offer a full-funnel approach, providing advertisers with both branding and DR opportunities to reach goals and activate users. 

It’s no surprise that Snapchat has moved fast to offer advanced targeting opportunities and establish goal-based bidding options. Their hustle to evolve the platform allows us to optimize toward your most important goals and KPIs:

– top of the funnel impressions and awareness
– mid-funnel activities like building retargeting audiences
– driving conversions like app installs

How You Benefit from our Snapchat Certified Partner Status

We are one of the only ad agencies listed as a Snapchat Certified Partner, meaning we’ve gone through rigorous training sessions to ensure our team knows the platform inside and out.

We understand its strengths relative to your goals (whether for direct response or branding), and – most importantly – we can analyze and report on true performance and its impact on the rest of your acquisition strategy.

Our direct line to Snapchat allows you to:

Capitalize on exclusive audiences and ad inventory 

Get in on new ad formats and placements

Access beta tests before features are rolled out publicly

Execute the most sophisticated approach toward advertising on Snapchat 

In short – we make it easy and cost-effective to invest in Snapchat ads and turn around meaningful results quickly.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising reaches more people than 12 Super Bowl audiences combined.

Every. Single. Day.

PPC Marketing

Paid search’s return on ad spend increases 78% when combined with Facebook advertising.

Twitter Advertising

Traffic from Twitter is making serious money for advertisers: a 400% increase in revenue per visit last year over years prior.

Instagram Advertising

Ad recall from sponsored posts on Instagram is 2.8x higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising.

Mobile Advertising

Within 2 years, mobile ad spend is projected to represent 72% of total ad budgets.

Video Advertising

There’s a reason 90% of brand advertisers have increased their investment in digital video over the last 2 years.

Creative Solutions

Data-fueled creativity. Creative-powered data. Impactful campaigns informed by cutting-edge analytics.

Advertising Assurance

You’re already writing Facebook a pretty nice check every month. Make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat’s all grown up – and so is its massive audience of Millennials with increasing spending power.


Strategy, recommendations, testing – we’ve never been disappointed with Up-Marketing counsel and approach, and most importantly, results. On top of that, it’s pretty unusual to find an agency partner that is as open and transparent; because of that I know I don’t have to worry about a thing because I genuinely trust them to do what’s right for our account.

Steve Matiste

I can’t recommend Up-Marketing enough. Nobody has delivered the same consistent results that Up-Marketing has over the last couple years. Since working with them, Facebook has become one of our most profitable channels. We consistently see a high enough ROI to continue increasing our spend month over month.

What’s more, their level of service is second to none; it’s not unusual for me to get an email from my account rep on a Saturday or Sunday, so I have the peace of mind knowing they’re keeping a close eye on performance 7 days as week.

Jan Sen Khoo

Working with Up-Marketing allows us to focus on running our business. This is invaluable since we’re in major growth mode. We saw early success with Facebook ads, but we were in need of better tools for campaign management and creative testing. Up-Marketing provides a singular focus and dedication to our campaigns, ensuring we can scale as much as needed, as quickly as needed. Working with Up-Marketing has been a no brainer.

Ludovic Terren

In working with an agency to manage this piece of our business, it was important that the relationship was seamless; we needed a partnership that would feel like a natural extension of our in-house team. Up-Marketing has made this incredibly easy for us. We have full visibility into any metric we need at any time, and the level of hands-on support and responsiveness they provide is second to none.

Up-Marketing provides more value than just stellar performance. With access to a team of highly trained strategists, more sophisticated technology, and the experience to test intelligently, our budget for acquisition is truly maximized.

Alexander Kloz

Working with Up-Marketing helps us focus on what we do best. We initiated our Facebook advertising efforts in-house, but we reached a point where we were taxing our internal resources and needed access to more sophisticated tools.

True to our own offering, we needed the right experts to help us get the job done. Putting this portion of our marketing efforts in Up-Marketing’s hands helped us hit major milestones quickly and grew areas of our marketplace that were underrepresented in services but had strong consumer demand.

They’ve been focused on building our b2b relationships, and we’re looking forward to seeing what magic they can create targeting consumers next.

Steve Matiste